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“How Great Is Our God”


Dear Friends, Recently I had the amazing opportunity to drive through part of the Rocky Mountain National Park with my son, Sam.  It was early May and there was still a lot of snow in the mountains.  As we were driving through one particular part of the park there were mountain tops soaring over head, […]

“And He Walks With Me”


Dear Friends,  This weekend we begin our series “Songs of the Heart” which is based on a survey many of you filled out about songs of worship that connect you with God.  However, we could not use all of the songs you mentioned.  So, for the next few weeks I will offer some reflections on some […]

Sermon: “It Happened to Me: The...



Summer Is Here!

Clouds and corn

Dear Friends,  To all of you who I have offended, frustrated, consternated, bewildered and other such things, I hope you are happy.  Why?  Because winter is definitely over!  I know, we all miss the snow and below zero temperatures, but we have to pull together and make it through this next season.  Summer!!!!  This summer […]

Final Words


Final Words  My Lord, it is time to move on. Well then, may your will be done. O my Lord and my Spouse, the hour that I have longed for has come. It is time for us to meet one another. Teresa of Avila (1580)  Dear Friends, This is not easy.  This letter, nor this […]

Our lives as a witness to God


My God, here I am, my heart devoted to you. Fashion me according to your heart.  Amen. Brother Lawrence (1675) Dear Friends, Today is an amazing day.  We will be celebrating the Confirmation of more than 20 young people and bringing 10 more people into membership.  God is so good!  I have always been struck […]

Lasting Relationships


I pray that your week has been a blessing and that you have walked closely with Jesus. When I was in high school, I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, a job that I loved. I was a cook, cashier, and ended up doing almost every job possible at the store. The fact is, however, I […]

Refreshing Our Souls


I pray this letter finds you well and blessed. When I was a kid, we lived in the county outside of Bloomington. The nearest store to our house was about five miles. During the summer, when we were a little older, my mom would allow my brother and I to ride our bikes to “Jim’s IGA” which was […]

Reflecting on Psalm 3

Minolta DSC

I pray this letter finds you well and blessed. Thank you to Steve Mekaru for the past three weeks of messages. I want to return this week to the 3rd Psalm. If you remember, we looked at “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” That is a wonderful start to a beautiful passage. It […]

Reflecting on Psalm 23


I pray this letter finds you well and blessed. Few passages of scripture rest in as many hearts as the 23rd Psalm. For generation upon generation, it has been read at gravesides, taught to second graders and memorized by service men and women. It is a beautiful piece of scripture, but it is also a […]